White America, We Need to Talk

2020 has been hard for many reasons. Between Covid-19; protests, riots, and untimely deaths, our relationships has been strained. Black Americans are exhausted and mentally drained. This year has highlighted the many differences between us, but it’s not a bad thing. With all of the issues being scrubbed to the surface, we can finally deal with them.

White America doesn’t understand the plight of Black America so our wires often get tangled. When Blacks shine light on injustice and attempts to correct it, White America goes on the defensive and calls it un-American, racist, lazy, or terroristic. Don’t get me wrong, I understand how hard it is to not be outraged when your favorite Target gets burned down. And by now, I understand that EVERYBODY has an opinion.

To make matters worse, arrogant Whites parade white-washed Blacks around as an example of how Black America ought to think and behave. It’s sickening. The relationship between White America and Black America is oozing with toxicity.

With that on the table, I believe most of the issues are misunderstandings. I believe they can be resolved when the majority of White America understands the plight of Black America- that we are essentially trapped inside the system of White America. It may sound outrageous to you, but let me explain to you how Black America moves as a single unit.

After the American Civil War, freed slaves moved up North. That’s when the riots started. They swept the free states in waves. The height of these riots was in 1819 (with 25 riots recorded) resulting in many injuries and fatalities. The “Back to Africa” Movement” was seen as a solution to the riots by both Blacks and Whites but it never came to fruition because the freed Blacks were skeptical of the project. They feared that the movement was a trick to deport them in an effort to restrict their resistance to slavery (There were still hundreds of thousands of slaves). So, 3,000 free slaves gathered in a church in Philadelphia and declared that they, “will never separate ourselves voluntarily from the slave population of the country.”

Many courageous slaves, like Harriet Tubman (freed 300+ slaves), could’ve ran off to freedom alone, but instead helped to free many others. Those 3,000 freed slaves could’ve abandoned the ones still in captivity, but they decided to stay and fight for ALL of us.

So, in the spirit of our ancestors, Black America carries that torch. We could kill the collective conscious and conform to White America. But America has yet to atone for its original sins. There are too many of us who still suffer and have yet to receive justice.

America, if you see no issue and feel no outrage with Native Americans receiving reparations through land reserves, you should remain calm when Black Americans receive them. I have the audacity to assume that we aren’t witnessing Indian riots today because they received reparations. America stole lives and land from the Native Americans. I dare to argue that America stole much MORE than that from Black America.

We created a New Back To Africa Fund for the current movement, if anyone who would like to support it.

Published by RoXanne WebsteR

Mom. Artist. Activist.

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