Building Our Black Twitter Community

Since April 2020, I’ve been scouring Black Twitter for “activists” to help build our online community. As of now, we over 6,000 followers. My goal is for us to come together and vote on things that we think are important to focus on. I’ve found hundreds of people and pages that desire to “support Black Businesses” but, unfortunately, we seem to be scattered.

When I first started the page many people suspected (and probably still do) that I was some White guy pretending to be Black. It was very frustrating but I realized that it pointed to a real issue that our community faces- we don’t know who to trust. Black is the new trend and the wrong people are making bank off of us.

The beauty of the Black Twitter Union is that you don’t have to trust me. I don’t want you to trust me because I don’t trust you either. When we fundraise for Black businesses/people, they will create their own GoFundMe campaigns so the money will go directly to them- no middle man, no funny business. The Black Twitter Union will only serve as a center of focus. The only way I could make money is if you shop at the store or donate.

Right now, I am raising awareness of the impeding vote. When we are ready, don’t hesitate to nominate a business by tagging their Twitter page in the post. After the nomination process is finished, the next step will be to vote on which business we will direct our funds to.

Thank you for reading and we appreciate your support.


The 3 Officers Involved in George Floyd Murder Arrested!

The 3 officers who assisted as Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd have all been arrested and charged with crimes. The officers (Tou ThaoJ. Alexander Kueng, and Thomas Kieran Lane) have been charged with felony aiding and abetting second degree murder and aiding and abetting 2nd degree manslaughter.

Chauvin faces 40 years in prison (that’s the maximum penalty for 2nd degree murder.) The other 3 also face 40 years each, the same punishment for 2nd degree murder.

Floyd was arrested following a report that he used a counterfeit $20 bill at a store. In videos of the incident, you can see clearly that it was more than just Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s body. 3 other officers were on him at one time.

In the independent autopsy ordered by the Floyd family, it revealed that he died from asphyxia as a result of the neck and back compression.

The complaint calls the 2nd degree murder charge “unintentional while committing a felony.” So it appears they are attempting to get Chauvin on felony murder for the excessive force that led to George’s death. A representative for the Floyd family, Ben Crump, calls for Chauvin’s charge to be upgraded.

In regards to the arrest of the other officers, he says “This is a significant step forward on the road to justice” and is providing some peace for George’s family in this painful time.

Attorney Lee Merritt, also reps the Floyd family and tells us the reason he has been pushing so hard for the officers involved in Floyd’s death to be held accountable is to encourage cops everywhere to start becoming a part of the solution to police brutality.

He hopes it sends the message that good cops need to challenge bad cops in order to be good cops. He says this can be a positive step toward changing a system that’s enabled mistreatment of black people for so long.