Black Twitter Independence Day 2020 phone protest/ Celebration

How are you celebrating July 4th? This is something EVERYONE can participate in! #BlackTwitter#BlackTwitterMovement#Resisters#IndependenceDay2020 @Wendys

Black Twitter Virginia Movement

Do You Want to HELP Your Community Grow? Well, there’s a MOVEMENT happening that we want YOU to be a part of. The Black Twitter Movement Do you believe that change is possible? What is Black Twitter?  Black Twitter is an online subculture consisting mainly of Black Twitter users on the Twitter social network focusedContinue reading “Black Twitter Virginia Movement”

The HOPE Foundation Shelter (Hampton Roads)

Founded by Regina Darden, The Hope Foundation operates from the Lighthouse Community Church. It is the only summer shelter available to the homeless in Hampton Roads. Hope stands for “Helping Others Pursue Excellence”. Since she started four years ago, she has had over 200 volunteers and partners join her. They help provide funds and resourcesContinue reading “The HOPE Foundation Shelter (Hampton Roads)”